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October 4, 2010

Hey, Today Is Your Birthday

I just realized it’s my birthday already because I’m up past midnight, again!

I feel totally and truly blessed to have my family, the whole lot of them. Chiara asked me today what do I call my family that is my parents and brothers if I call my husband and children my immediate family. I don’t know the answer! Are we all immediate family?

In any case, my husband and kids are healthy, seemingly happy, and they make me smile and laugh a million times a day. And the rest of my family and extended family are supportive and loving. I can’t complain!

So, on this, my birthday, I just want to say that I already have everything I could want.


On a summer afternoon when the girls insisted on doing 

their own hair.

jeanhee @ 1:06 am

Parents’ Secrets Exposed!

At a family dinner this weekend, I was telling the grandmothers how Jemma comes up with every excuse not to go to sleep. She keeps coming out of her room and asking for things, or complaining about things. Lately, her most frequent complaint is, “Oma, I’m hot and I’m cold.” (it sounds like: Oma, I’m hhhhot and I’m code.)

Then Luke said, “Chiara, what do Oma and Apa say to Jemma?”

Chiara replied, “‘OK, Jemma, go be hot and cold in your bed and I’ll come in a second.’ But then you never come.”



Chiara with Halmoni’s blush dabbed on her cheeks.

jeanhee @ 12:57 am