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July 7, 2009

Dinner tomorrow

Interesting what you find when you google recipes. I found a mouthwatering recipe for cold soba noodles that reminded me of a dish I ate often in Seoul, at the Japanese restaurants at the top of the Lotte Department store. Just cold noodles, topped with scallions, that I dipped in a soy/ponzu sauce. So cold, so perfect in the summer time.

But this recipe really appealed to me because it was everything I remembered plus cubes of soft tofu, lots of sugar snap peas (I was searching for recipes with sugar snaps because we were getting a pound that week from the CSA) and spinach. I thought it was a little weird that the recipe called for a bottled ponzu sauce that had no dashi in it, and for me to make the sauce base with a dried mushroom boiled in water.

Anyway, the recipe was a big hit and I am making it again for dinner tomorrw, preparing the dipping sauce tonight before I go to bed. Since I didn’t save the recipe I searched for it again and discovered that it is actually from Gourmet magazine, and there is a “backstory” from the chef who created it. Aha! The recipe was meant to be vegetarian, hence the dried mushroom, instead of bonito, and the sauce without dashi! Now it all makes sense. Since we eat seafood, I can make my usual base with dried fish, and I didn’t have to shop so intently for a ponzu sauce without dashi. Oh well! I am just as happy without the dried fish and dashi! It is truly delish!

I have been lazy lately so no prettifying urls, I just shows ’em as I sees ’em:

Off to prepare the sauce, now!

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