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August 20, 2008

See You In My Dreams

Getting Chiara to go to sleep takes a bit of coaxing. Recently Luke and I hit on a new theme, telling Chiara to look for us in her dreams. It really seems to comfort Chiara and enable us to leave her when she is still awake. Before we leave her darkened room she calls out, See you in my dreams!

But I had never actually followed up on the theme. So this morning I asked her whether she saw me in her dreams. She said she didn’t.

“Did you see anyone in your dreams?”



“I saw Jemma.”

“What was she doing?”

“She was smiling at me.”

jeanhee @ 3:32 pm

August 19, 2008

What’s for dinner 8.19.08

This may have been our finest meal from the farm so far.

Insalata Caprese
(farm-fresh tomatoes, mozzarella di buffala and opal basil with olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top)

Salad of Roasted Golden Beets and Fennel with Orange
(dressing made from sherry vinegar and olive oil)

Sauteed Swiss Chard and Chickpeas with Whole Wheat Fusilli
(just sauteed onions and garlic with olive oil, added chopped chard and a can of chickpeas, then squeezed a lemon and generously sprinkled parmesan on top. delish!)

Semolina Bread with Black Sesame from Amy’s Bread

We used the following vegetables from our shares this week and last:
Chard, onions, tomatoes, basil, beets, fennel

What will we do with the many eggplants and zucchini we received this week? Tomatoes are no problem. I can eat them all day long. We received three pounds of beautiful ones today.

The most interesting thing we received today were several branches of edamame. I picked the pods off today and stored in the fridge. I’ll clean them tomorrow and boil them up and we’ll see how they taste. They are awfully small though — seem like a lot of work for what I expect will seem like a small payoff.

jeanhee @ 11:06 pm

August 18, 2008

What’s for dinner 08.14.08


The weird thing about making gazpacho for dinner from the CSA ingredients is that the base of the salad/soup that is gazpacho is tomato juice from a bottle. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought I was just going to puree the vegetables I had and that would be it. But I only had three tomatoes, if large ones, so I ended up finding a bottled organic tomato puree when I was at Citarella and it made a great base with some added water. Luke was surprised to learn that one of the ingredients in gazpacho is bread, soaked in water, and pureed with the rest of the veggies.

With sliced avocado on top, and toasted bread with olive oil drizzled on it, it made a meal and was delicious.

jeanhee @ 10:09 pm

August 4, 2008

What’s for Dinner 08.04.08

Mondays are the last full day of the CSA veggies because we get the new vegetables for pick up every Tuesday afternoon. So sometimes the meal has a kind of sad air about it, the dregs of an installment, or sometimes tired vegetables. Usually, though, since they are delivered fresh from the farm the produce holds up quite well throughout the week. I’m pleasantly surprised at how delicious a cucumber is one week later, and especially the lettuces we’ve been getting.

Tonight, though, I basically had a bunch of rat-tail radishes and zucchini. The radishes were a major bust the week before, and last Tuesday when we went to pick up our week’s share, the giveaway table was positively bursting with rat-tail radishes and nothing but. When I said the radishes were apparently unpopular, one of the women picking up her share said, “In fact, they were distinctly disliked,” or something to that effect.

Remember, though, that I was one of the few who actually liked them. But then, I also love radishes and eat them with some seasoned salt as a snack. I decided to make the same dish I made almost two weeks ago, the Indian curry with rat-tail radishes and potatoes. But this time, I would throw in zucchini, and because I had some on hand, add a smattering of lentils, the last bits of a container that hadn’t made it into some soup or dish a while ago. I must admit that I didn’t have fresh tomatoes on hand, so I used the crushed tomatoes leftover from a can that I used to make fennel and tomato soup. The whole dish took on another dimension. The curry was more tomato-ey, and the lentils gave it greater body. The coriander and turmeric were more subdued since they were jostling with canned instead of fresh tomatoes.

The rat-tail radishes were better this time because I learned my lesson and trimmed both the head and tail of each of them, to reduce the odds of getting a chewy, inedible fiber in your mouth with no genteel way to discard of it.

The result was that both Luke and Chiara liked the dish this time. Luke said it tasted better to him, and Chiara had just a classic mature comment. She said, after taking a few bites, “Apa, thanks for making a delicious dinner.”

Luke replied that he hadn’t cooked, I had.

To which Chiara replied, “Oma, you make delicious dinner every night.”

I was beaming of course, but also at her maturity and grace. I can only imagine how she will speak up when she’s someone’s dinner guest years from now and speak so beautifully to her hosts. How did I get so lucky to be Chiara’s oma?

So, it’s hard to believe, but the rat-tail radishes were a hit!

jeanhee @ 11:54 pm

August 2, 2008

Don’t Step on the Cracks!

One of the best things about being a parent is having a front-row seat watching a little person develop a sense of humor. What Chiara finds funny is punctuated by an infectious, gleeful laugh. And recently, she has started to make jokes that crack her up, but puzzle the rest of us. Then of course, she says something inadvertently funny.

Last night at dinner, she declared, “I love tofu, Apa loves tofu, Oma loves tofu!”

Luke replied, “We’re a tofu family!”

Chiara (gleeful laughter): “You crack me up Apa.”

Luke: “No, you crack me up!”

Chiara: “i’m cracked!”


jeanhee @ 12:00 am