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June 24, 2008

What’s for dinner 06.24.08

Tonight we received more bok choy and chinese cabbage from the CSA! I had gone to the grocery store yesterday and bought a few different kinds of seitan and some tofu and tempeh so that I had options for all these cabbage-y vegetables.

We had a stir-fry of tofu, bok choy, chinese cabbage and a little mizuna for good measure. It was actually one of my better stir fries. I hate how the liquid always cooks away when I make these so this time I doubled the liquid part of the recipe and added more liquid as needed. I like my rice to get all soupy when I eat stir fry!

The stir-fry recipe came from Epicurious.

The thought I had today about this CSA is that 1. I should invest in a good asian cookbook to give me more varied and creative ideas for using these asian vegetables, and 2. maybe once I’ve done this I can write my own cookbook! I would love to write a cookbook.

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