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June 24, 2008

One word: Plastics

On Sunday, the 24th, we celebrated Luke’s mom’s birthday by having dinner at her place. Unfortunately, since Michael was out of town, she had to cook her own birthday dinner. And did she cook! She made two desserts and had the sweetest most beautiful cherries on the table too. We had brought her a gorgeous white porcelain double serving bowl as a gift and the cherries were luminous in it. Dinner was her “company special”: polenta with ragu, a delicious potato salad with vidalia onions, avocado and cucumbers, and a tossed salad with enoki mushrooms and red peppers.

Before eating, we held up our glasses for a toast. Luke called out to Chiara: Pick up your glass so we can have a toast.

Chiara looked confused for a moment, surveying the sippy cup in front of her and the glasses we were holding. She said, “Apa, this is not a glass; it’s a plastic.”

So, Luke, Nana, Monica, Melanie and I held up our glasses and Chiara held up her plastic and we toasted to many more years for Grandma Mimi.

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