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June 14, 2008

Welcome Baby Jemma

Two weeks early, but perfect and sweet, Jemma Jaehee was born on June 6, just after midnight.

Jemma means gem but we spelled it with a J, which for me recalls Jem, the big brother in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Jaehee means “brings delight,” and the Jae and the Hee syllables bridge our two kids to the rest of their generation. Chiara’s middle name is Ahnhee, so the two sisters share the “hee” and all the other cousins in this generation have middle names that begin with “Jae.”

It’s remarkable how much Jemma looks like Chiara when she was an infant. And I am so proud of Chiara for being such a loving, interested, involved and protective big sister already. Luke and I feel incredibly lucky and privileged to be parents to these girls.


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