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March 17, 2008

Night Fears

Sleep has continued to be the hardest thing to train Chiara to do. She’s potty training really well, but going to sleep and staying in her own room all night is a challenge.

Tonight, after about the sixth time that she came out of her room and asked for me, or cried, or just ran through the apartment trying to run past my outstretched arms, she and I met in the living room and she finally said something I could understand.

–Mommy, I’m sad.

–Why are you sad?

–Because you keep leaving me.


So I walked her back to her room and explained that I wasn’t leaving, that I was in the next room, but that I wanted her to sleep in her room because that’s the best way to sleep and that babies grow big and strong when they sleep so she needs to get a lot of it. And of course, I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and told her how much I loved her.

Amazingly, she said, “OK.” She sprawled onto the floor (for some reason she prefers the floor over her comfortable plush bed!) and I haven’t heard a peep yet!

I won’t hold my breath that this will last more than three or four hours, but baby steps. We’re getting closer to Chiara understanding why sleep is important, at least I hope so. And perhaps that will lead to her embracing it. I can only hope!


Now for the embarrassing confession: Luke and I have been so busy the last few months that we don’t have any new photos of Chiara! So, this one is 6 months old.

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