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February 20, 2008

A Moment to Remember

OK, following the TMI post below, is this post, which is likely too saccharine for public consumption. So stop reading if you don’t like schmaltz.

Yesterday while eating breakfast, Chiara looked over at me and said, “Oma, you are beautiful.”

jeanhee @ 11:16 pm

February 11, 2008

Grandma Mimi for President!

On Super Duper Tuesday, I took Chiara into the booth with me to turn the levers and vote for the Democratic nominee for president.

She not only loved the task of turning the levers, but all the adults in the polling place were paying loads of attention to her, and then on the way back home, we passed campaigners passing out flyers and they all cooed and oohed over her when i explained that we had already voted; Chiara for the first time.

On Thursday, then, it wasn’t a huge surprise that on the subway ride back from music class, Chiara said to me out of the blue, ” Oma, I want to go vote.”

“Oh,” I said, “we voted on Tuesday already, but we’re going to vote again in November. Then we’re going to vote for president. Who do you want to vote for for president?”

Chiara looked at me for a split second and then said, “Grandma Mimi.”

jeanhee @ 2:21 am

poo poo a choo

ok, this falls in the TMI category and also the don’t-read-further-unless-you-have-a-strong-constitution. But nonetheless i have to state for the record that our little chiara pooped in the potty today all by herself.

i was on the couch reading the sunday times and luke was working at his desk when chiara came running out of the bathroom (she had just received gifts of bath toys and was trying them out in the bathroon sink), grabbed luke’s hand and said, “Apa, I made a poopy. Come see.”

so luke followed her and declared it the largest poopy ever and pronounced himself the proudest apa. it was all very funny, of course, until he made me get up from the couch and witness it myself.

I attest. It was very large. It was in the potty. We gave Chiara a hug and then I realized that i didn’t see any evidence that she wiped her bottom. So, we are on a learning curve. But the end of the diaper is near! Yay!

jeanhee @ 2:12 am