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October 21, 2007

Plastic Bags Begone!

Like many people, I try to keep my plastic bag use to a minimum. A month or so ago, I began to carry used plastic bags in my purse so I could refuse new bags when I went shopping. That worked, although it was awkward to whip out a Whole Foods plastic bag when I was at a small, independent natural foods store, but I thought in the long run, it still was the right thing to do.

This weekend I brought a handful of canvas and polypropylene bags to Whole Foods and at the checkout line I asked whether I could pack everything in my own bags and still have it delivered to my apartment. After a short consultation with a manager, my cashier said yes!

That was awesome. i had bought so many groceries that I did still end up using 2 plastic bags, but it still was great to cut down so much. Next time I’ll bring even more bags. i have so many canvas bags from various conferences. This seems like the perfect use for them and justifies my inability to throw them away, too.

jeanhee @ 10:05 pm