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December 9, 2006

James Kim

The other day, I read a news article that brought me to tears. A young father took a wrong turn and ended up getting stuck in snow in a remote area of Oregon. After 9 days with no food and no signs of rescue, he left the car to get help. His wife and two very young daughters were rescued, but a search party found him a few days later, dead of hypothermia.

I read that the mom, Kati, with a 4yr old and a 7 month old, nursed both kids for 10 days. Since they were heading to a vacation resort before they got horribly off track and lost, they had not packed food other than kid snacks in the car, nor did they have outdoor clothing or gear. James Kim wore just tennis shoes, a sweater and a jacket when he went out. And he hadn’t eaten in several days.

The police chief said James Kim did nothing wrong; he was just trying to help his family. That is the most tragic part of the story. He couldn’t save his family, and died trying.

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