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November 23, 2006

Bilingual bumps

We’ve been so tickled pink by Chiara’s newest trick, which is to say, “Choo Chooooo!” when we prompt her by saying, “Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a.”

We repeat this constantly with Chiara and every time, we burst into laughter and sometimes Chiara claps.

Today when I was on the phone with my mom, she asked about Chiara, who was wandering around the living room nearby. So I said, Mom, listen to this, and demonstrated with my prompt. In the middle of my recitation, my mom said, Jeanhee, that means death in Korean! And then Chiara said into the phone, “Choo Choooo!” Which, I must admit, actually sounds like, Doo Dooooo!

Oh well. my bilingual daughter is learning to pull an imaginary air horn and toot whenever the talk turns to death.

Chiara at Matthew's 100 day
We are slowing down the volume of photos we take of Chiara apparently, as this is the best I could find and it’s from October, when we strolled down 7th Ave to Chiara’s cousin Matthew Jaemin Kim’s 100 day lunch.

jeanhee @ 1:38 am

Fast and Furious

The words are coming fast and furious now. Let’s see if I can list them, although I guess some are not words at all:
1. if you count to three, Chiara will say four and five.
2. if you count to four in korean, Chiara will say five, in Korean. sometimes she says Dool, which is two.
3. Book
4. Amor — she says this after saying Achoo to complete a series of three sneezes, whether real or fake.
5. More — she says and points when she wants to eat or drink more of something
6. Mool — the word for water in Korean. she says this when she points to water. We think she is not quite certain of the difference between Mool and More.
7. Moo — the sound a cow makes
8. oo oo — the sound a monkey makes
9. owwww — the sound a wolf makes
10. choo choo — she says, on cue, after we say, chug ah chug ah chug ah chug ah, the sound a train makes. although, truth be told, it sounds like doo doo
11. woof woof — the sound a dog makes
12. hi! variations include: Hi baba! Hi dada! Hi hamoni (grandmother)! Hi Haboji (grandfather)! Hi Nana! Hi Apa (dad)! Hi Uhma (mom)! Hi baby!
13. Bye bye
14. apple
15. avocado

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November 3, 2006

She Wears Her Sunglasses At Night

On Halloween morning, Luke asked me, “What are you going to be?” I thought, if he had asked me this during the weekend, then by Tuesday I would know. But since it’s already Halloween, I guess I’ll just wear orange and black. So I did. I went as myself. It was the perfect costume.

But then I panicked. What kind of mother am I that my daughter doesn’t have a Halloween costume? She wore her Korean dress for a Halloween party during the weekend, but it just didn’t seem right to put her in it AGAIN.

So, I riffled through her clothes in the dresser, then the closet, and came upon the silk Chinese mandarin-collar blouse and pants set that, although it still had tags, was a hand-me-down that came directly from China. A-ha! I put Chiara in it, and was just going to call her a Chinese girl.

Then Ahjuma put sunglasses on her.

Now she was in costume! What was she? Well, a Mini Hong Kong Martial Arts Action Movie Star, of course!

Chiara in Halloween costume

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