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May 20, 2006

Peek a boo

Being this close and intimate with a baby is really a gift. An incredible vantage point to seeing a tiny human being grow. Every single day is a revelation; an awe-inspiring window into the limitless possibilities of a life.

Yesterday, a little light went off in Chiara’s brain and she grasped something new and exciting. When someone or something disappears from sight, it isn’t gone necessarily. A few days ago, Chiara thought when I left the room we were in together, I disappeared. Today she knows that when I leave the room, I may be in another room and that I exist even though she cannot see me. She grasped this new and exciting concept last night while I was giving her a bath. Luke stood behind me, hiding his face and then popping out in different places, from my right hip to my left shoulder, to above my head to my left hip to my right shoulder, and on and on. Each time he disappeared behind me, Chiara strained her little neck to see where he had gone, looking from my right side to my left, up and down. It was sooo cute! She had never done that before. She would have in the past just watched impassively. Now she knows it’s a game and that he’s hiding and that it’s fun to find him.

She’s growing up so fast! And she’s so much fun!

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