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May 20, 2006

Peek a boo

Being this close and intimate with a baby is really a gift. An incredible vantage point to seeing a tiny human being grow. Every single day is a revelation; an awe-inspiring window into the limitless possibilities of a life.

Yesterday, a little light went off in Chiara’s brain and she grasped something new and exciting. When someone or something disappears from sight, it isn’t gone necessarily. A few days ago, Chiara thought when I left the room we were in together, I disappeared. Today she knows that when I leave the room, I may be in another room and that I exist even though she cannot see me. She grasped this new and exciting concept last night while I was giving her a bath. Luke stood behind me, hiding his face and then popping out in different places, from my right hip to my left shoulder, to above my head to my left hip to my right shoulder, and on and on. Each time he disappeared behind me, Chiara strained her little neck to see where he had gone, looking from my right side to my left, up and down. It was sooo cute! She had never done that before. She would have in the past just watched impassively. Now she knows it’s a game and that he’s hiding and that it’s fun to find him.

She’s growing up so fast! And she’s so much fun!

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May 12, 2006

Walking Tall

Chiara has become a champion stander. This might not seem like such a feat to anyone but a parent, who has seen how much of a struggle and an incremental challenge it is for babies to stand up. When I woke up this morning, Chiara was standing in her crib, holding the rail and beaming. She had just taken a little stroll all along the perimeter of the crib and was taking such pleasure in her huge accomplishment.

She likes to walk along the perimeter of things these days. Our round coffee table is a favorite and the length of the couch is another.

But my favorite trick from today is how Chiara tried to lift her own shirt over her head to remove it. Unfortunately, the fabric got twisted up and she didn’t manage to get it off without my help but it won’t be long!

jeanhee @ 12:08 am

May 7, 2006

Don’t Lie (down) for Me

babies and sleep.

I have never before given sleep so much thought. It seems so basic. You get tired, you sleep. But having a baby has changed all of that. I am tired all the time but I have a limited window of hours when I am free to sleep without the baby demanding my attention. That window is also the only time when I can get work done outside of office hours, so the bottom line, which is no surprise to anyone as this is probably the most common complaint of parenthood, is that I get very little sleep.

But even apart from my own sleep issues, I’ve had to really think about sleep a lot lately because Chiara doesn’t seem to like to sleep at all. She actively rejects sleep and will choose any alternative, if available. I’ve tried to break it down and dissect the issue to see whether she just doesn’t like the dark, or doesn’t like to miss the excitement of whatever else is going on, or doesn’t like to be alone, or doesn’t like to be horizontal. It seems to be all of these things in combination.

Recently, Chiara has learned to pull herself up to standing so we dropped the floor of her co-sleeper and now when she’s standing tall, her shoulders are just below the top rail of her sleeper, which hopefully means that for a few more months at least she won’t be strong enough to lift herself up over the rail! Last night, she woke up at 3 a.m., and when I didn’t pick her up, hoping she’d go back to sleep, she lifted herself up and stood with her face just inches from mine, crying. This was the fourth or fifth night in a row that we were trying to train her to sleep without needing a nocturnal nursing, in the hopes that if she got used to getting through the night without eating, sleeping through the night would soon follow. So, I pat her on her back for a little while, kissed her on her cheek and then maneuvered her onto her back to encourage her to sleep. This only upset her more and she was soon standing up again. I repeated the process and she repeated hers. I figured that if she had enough energy to pull herself up that i should just wait until she was a little more tired, so I let her stand. Of course, this was quite boring for me so I soon began to drift off to sleep, despite Chiara’s whimpering. And then I realized that she was quiet and opened my eyes to see her standing up, her arms reaching over the sleeper rail and resting on my arm, her head resting on my arm as well, in sound sleep. Chiara was sleeping while standing up and leaning over the side of her sleeper!

I gently lifted her off her feet and lay her down, but as soon as her body sensed that it had gone horizontal, she arched her back and woke up, crying. Next thing I knew, she was standing up, head down on my arm, sleeping. Wow, this is a baby that so hates being horizontal that she falls asleep standing up! But this time when I lay her down, she made weak resistance motions with her arms and legs and then feel into a deep slumber.

jeanhee @ 12:42 am