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February 19, 2006

Log On Unsuccessful

Yet another anecdote in our continuing chronicles of the overtired and underslept: The other morning, Chiara woke up crying, which is very unusual for her. I brought her close to me in bed and asked a few times, “Chiara, what’s wrong? What’s wrong, Chiara?”

From the other side of the bed came this drowsy-voiced reply: “Automatic shut down. Log on unsuccessful.”

jeanhee @ 12:48 pm

February 1, 2006

chiara met a boy!

I’m so excited about chiara’s adventure today to the library.

I discovered that the New York Public Library has a center, the Early Childhood Resource and Information Center, where babies from zero to 18 months have “Lap Time.” During Lap Time, the librarian has all the babies on their parents’ or caregivers’ laps, singing and clapping and making sounds together. He also reads books.

Ahjuma, chiara’s new nanny, was with chiara at the library today. she said chiara loved it and smiled the entire half hour, especially when they all sang Old MacDonald and all the adults had to make animal sounds. then she dropped a bombshell: chiara has a boyfriend! the boy, whose name she couldn’t remember, is six months old! an older man.

What made them boyfriend/girlfriend? I asked. Well, she said, they sat next to each other and then reached out and touched each other’s face! How cute is that!

Of course, I wished I could have been with Chiara instead of having Ahjuma bring her. But after the library, Ahjuma and Chiara came to my office and we all had lunch. So, at least I got to see Chiara during my day and also saw how animated and energized she seemed.

That also reminded me of our weekend visit at Kendall and David’s. We brought Chiara with us so she could play with their daughter, Finn. Finn is 10 months old, though, so we weren’t sure how they’d interact. The last time we visited together, they just looked at each other for a few moments, and Finn reached out to Chiara, but that was it.

This Sunday, the two babies were much more aware of each other. We held them before each other, like a face-off, and they reached out and touched, or more accurately, poked, each other. it was sooo cute. And of course, we chronicled it!

jeanhee @ 11:11 pm