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December 4, 2005

Giggle Giggle

Chiara giggled today!

Luke was singing her the silly song he made up that we’ve adopted as our favorite song for bringing out a smile. It’s just about changing the pitch of our voices from really high to really low and pointing from Chiara to ourselves: Little one, Big one.

Anyway, Luke played this little game and song today and Chiara giggled twice! She’s a cutie!

jeanhee @ 8:23 pm

December 1, 2005


I was just reading an interview with Spike Lee on and came across this passage that I love:

Slate: A friend of mine has started using the word “business” as a verb, and I think that’s right. Everything’s “businessed” these days. Do you think a movie like Do the Right Thing could be made now?

Lee: It would be really hard.

Slate: Would audiences even respond?

Lee: Oh, I think they would. I don’t think it’s the audience’s fault. I’m putting that on the studio.

Slate: But people don’t seem to like discord.

Lee: There is that part of the moviegoing segment, but I’m still convinced that a larger segment wants to be stimulated. People are getting tired of seeing TV shows remade, or movies from the 1950s, and comic books, and sequels. People say, well, it can’t be the films; it’s the video games, it’s the 900 channels, it’s this and that. All those things are a factor, but I think the biggest factor is that films aren’t connecting with the audience. I mean, look. March of the Penguins. How much did that movie make?

Slate: A fortune.

Lee: I’m telling you, it’s my belief that people went to see that film because there was nothing else to see. If there were good movies in the theater, they’re not going to see a documentary about penguins.


I happen to have loved the documentary about penguins — and it was so fitting that Chiara was born almost immediately afterward — but I do agree with Spike Lee that I as a moviegoer am so tired of remakes and movies adapted from comic books, video games and tv sitcoms. Bravo, Spike Lee!

jeanhee @ 1:50 pm