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August 22, 2005

Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Stranger (or even someone you know!)

“You’re definitely having a girl. I can tell because of how you’re carrying and your face is fat.”

— the cashier at our local Duane Reade, who then went on to say that she had to drop out of school because her second, a boy, was just too demanding.

“You are the cutest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. There are some people who carry well and you are definitely carrying so cute.”

(Me, blushing and thanking him for the compliment.)

“You are carrying much better than my wife!”

(Me, frowning.)

–man at the produce section of our local grocery store.

jeanhee @ 10:56 pm

August 15, 2005

Feeling Groovy

people ask me all the time how i feel these days, and especially how i’m doing in this horrible heat. i feel like a broken record because i just keep saying Great!

sometimes i wonder whether i’m just in denial somehow, or that it’s just mind over matter because yes my breathing is labored, and it’s really hard to stand up from a deep couch, and my swollen feet and ankles do bother me, but these all seem like minor irritations when overall, i just feel really robust. I feel healthy and alive.

the heat? well, i certainly don’t like it when the air is heavy. but it doesn’t feel particularly different from other hot and humid summers. and the fact that i can still walk to work and don’t have to descend into the hotter-than-hell bowels of the subway system have really been a huge plus.

i don’t know. maybe i’m on a happy hormones uptick again.

we’ll see if i crash!

jeanhee @ 12:19 am

August 9, 2005

in and out!

i learned a few days ago that luke’s family is betting on huck’s due date. luke’s family will bet on anything!

so, i thought i’d toss one out to them: will my innie belly button become an outie within the next five weeks? and if yes, when?

right now, it’s almost totally flush with my distended belly. i suppose i should take a picture, but i’m too lazy, so you’ll all have to visualize it.

jeanhee @ 11:30 pm